Is Your Web Design Attracting Enough People?

Web Design has become one of the most important part of a website now a days. Lets talk about the aesthetics part of a web design today. An aesthetically pleasing web design is not only visually appealing but it also helps in increasing traffic to your website. Click here to see a few examples. Web design is as important to your website as the back end part of it. You need a clear idea of what your product is. What is the purpose of your website? Is it to generate leads, convert leads or direct them to other website? Clearly explain your motive to the UX/UI designer. Visit this site to see some terrific web designs. If you would see closely the most visually appealing websites are not with bright colors but subtle simpler overall color palette.

The audience for which the website is being made has the biggest say in choosing the color. e.g. A women's apparel website will be rich in colors such as purple, pink or red. On the other hand men prefer solid colors such as Blue, grey and black. Click here to see examples.The font is another factor that contribute a major portion in web designing. The font should not be too big or too small. Most websites use Helvetica or veranda or just Ariel. This again depends on who you are targeting. Read more here about the best font for your website.

A complete branch of web designing called Human computer interaction has been dedicated to read about how human responds to the various aspects of a web page including amount of white on the web page or the size of the icons or their positions or size of the font or their size. Read more here about HCI.Web designing thus requires not just basic coding knowledge but a detailed insight of who your customer is and what is the motive of your website.