Analyzing the Standout Features of a Great Website Design

When internet users go online to check out a website, the first thing their minds register is its design. If the design of your site is attractive and organized, the user will stay on. They will then start taking a look around to find something that interests them. If they do, they will keep navigating, and this increased time spent over there is an advantage do you because it means that more time is used obtaining information on your products. Therefore, it is always important to keep things interesting. This post analyses several features of a good website design,which is why you need to read more to find out.


Loading speed

Internet users have gained notoriety for their impatience. They will not wait for your site to load if that is all it does for a full minute. You will need to go with moderate flash content, video or animated graphics in a bid to increase loading speeds. Experts advise website owners to keep the loading delay at less than ten seconds whenever possible.


Design consistency

While it is always great to have a variety of layouts to avoid monotony, website design needs to follow a pattern recognizable by the user. Sure, you can have the homepage laid out in all types of color and fonts, but the proceeding pages have to be consistent in appearance. You do not want your visitors to become uncomfortable, thinking that in the midst of their browsing, their devices have suddenly jumped on to a different site. Looking for this kind of consistency is else; you can visit this site to see how easy.


Friendliness towards search engines

The reason your website exists is that you need it to attract audiences .You can only attract them if the search engine they are using displays your page. If the page is not optimizable for the engines, then you risk falling off the radar and into oblivion.


User friendliness

A good website design allows users of varied ages, educational backgrounds and internet experience to navigate with minimum hassle. Click here to find out how you can make your site friendly to everyone.