Advertising on Facebook

Facebook’s social media site boasts more than 1.4 billion users. Almost 1 billion of those people visit Facebook at least once a day. That’s a huge market for your business, and you can reach those users by creating your own advertisements for Facebook. 

To find out how to get your ad on Facebook, go online straight to the source— Or you can also read more hear at Facebook promises that when you run an advertisement on its site, you can pinpoint the audience you need and the people who want to see your ad. You can target your ad based on users’ location, demographics, interests, behavior, and other factors. The cost can be as little as $5. 

Facebook offers tips on how you can control your ad costs. You can select from a number of different bid setups. Facebook allows you to bid for clicks, impressions or likes. You can also select a daily budget or a lifetime budget that will last as long as your campaign. 

Facebook also offers a template to create you ad right on the site. You start by choosing the objective for your ad campaign, whether it is to send people to your website, get people to install your app, or drive attendance for your event, among others. You can also opt to use an outside ad designer. Visit for information on their Facebook ad services. Pagemodo offers royalty-free images and other design tools as well as professional advice on how to target your audience. You can also read more here for tips on advertising and marketing on Facebook. Those tips included knowing your advertising goals ahead of time and ideas on how to make your ad visually attractive. 

Facebook ads let you choose who you want to market your business to, while Facebook delivers the ads to those users. You will get results by reaching the people who want your products and services.